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Transportation consumes two-thirds of the world’s petroleum and has become the largest contributor to global environmental change. What can you do to not be part of the problem?
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Donating to the EAA

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Only USA donations are tax deductible.  Donations made to non-USA chapters will be collected and paid back to the chapter in USA funds, quarterly. Donations are best made with a credit card, online.  You will not be able to make donations with PayPal.  For all online donations, click on the "Pay online now" link above and select the special fund or chapter.

Types of Donations

For income tax purposes, your gift or pledge payments are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by the law (USA only). Please consult your tax advisor. Gifts or pledge payments may be made by cash,check, or credit card.

Pledges may be made to the Association in support of our current fundraising campaigns. Pledges traditionally extend over a two to three-year period. Using a pledge form, you may specify the length of the pledge period, the frequency of payments, and the method of payment.  Pledge payments may be made in cash, check, credit card, or via appreciated securities.

Individuals and organizations may want to give tribute gifts to the Association to commemorate events such as anniversaries,graduations, or to memorialize a friend or loved one who has passed away. After receiving a tribute gift, the Association sends the honored individual, or family of the deceased, a tribute card. Tribute donations are made online or through the mail. If this gift is time-sensitive, please make this donation over the phone by calling the Association directly.

The Association accepts gifts of stock or appreciated securities,whether as a transfer from a portfolio or investment in a corporation.  
If you are interested in supporting the Association with a gift of stock, please meet with your financial advisor to select the best method for your donation. You may achieve significant tax savings by making a gift or pledge payment of stocks or other capital assets that have appreciated in value.

Donors may wish to consider giving through such vehicles as life insurance, bequests, testamentary gifts, charitable trusts,partnership opportunities, or named endowments. Planned giving can be an ideal way to leave a legacy to the Association and to minimize your income, gift, and estate taxes. We encourage you to speak with your legal and/or tax advisor when considering any type of planned gift.

Many businesses meet their philanthropic goals by contributing to causes their employees support. An employer with a matching gift program may contribute an equal amount or more when an employee makes a donation to a public benefit organization such as the Electric Auto Association. Check with your employer to determine whether the EAA qualifies for such a program.

Through contributions of in-kind donations and cash grants,corporations of all kinds and sizes have been instrumental at earlier stages of our existence.  
Cash gifts can be given to support the Association's general operation costs or for special gift opportunities. See the Special Funds section below.  In-kind gifts to the Association have included donations of equipment, software, and professional services.  You may achieve significant tax savings by making a gift or pledge payment of stocks or other capital assets.

All donations made to the Electric Auto Association are tax deductible.

For further information, please contact


Opportunities for Participating:
Founding Partners: $ 1,000 +
Leadership Partners: $ 500 to $999
Sponsoring Partners: $ 100 to $499
Friends: $ 1 to $99

These recognition categories apply to the EAA General Fund, as well as to EAA Special Funds that the EAA Board of Directors may establish.

Donors may contribute to the EAA General Fund, to be used for EAA public benefit purposes as determined by the EAA Board of Directors.   Contributions not otherwise designated will be credited to the EAA General Fund. The General Fund may be used for normal EAA operations, or for other purposes as determined by the EAA Board of Directors.   The EAA Board of Directors may set up Special Funds for specifically identified projects. Such public benefit projects in support of the Association's mission may be limited in scope or geographical area.  However, donations to the General Fund are always strongly encouraged.   Special Funds are established to target specific projects and goals, and donors with a particular interest in these projects and goals are encouraged to contribute to the Special Funds that are available.

Any donor with a particular interest in a goal or project that has not been previously established is encouraged to propose establishment of a new Special Fund in writing to the Board of Directors. 

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