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Transportation consumes two-thirds of the world’s petroleum and has become the largest contributor to global environmental change. What can you do to not be part of the problem?

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California Air Resources Board(CARB) has established Conductive EV Charging as thestandard. Different areas have different policies, check with thelocal Air Resources Board. The EAA promotes the use of both AVCONconductive EV charging (level 2, connected to a 240 VAC 40 amp source)and a standard 120 VAC 20 amp outlet (level 1) be installed at each EVcharging location. Production and conversion EVs benefit from thefast level 2 EV charging. Local conversion EVs, nEVs (neighborhoodEVs), LSV (electric Low Speed Vehicles), golf cars / carts, Electricbikes and scooters benefit from an inexpensive common 120 VAC 20 ampoutlet.

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